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Critics on the Schubert CD, 2001

F. Ferrari, magazine "Musica"

It is a good omen for a twenty-year-old pianist to perform the music of Schubert on his debut disc instead of the transcendental etudes of List or Brahms variations on Paganini. It is not only an evidence of his excellence in the art of performing music, but it shows his musical taste and high intelligence as well. This disc with its original crescendo way of arranging the tracks is a good beginning of the career. Though performing Schuberts music is interesting, transmitting the dynamic tension is more difficult in comparison with many other pieces of music.

This disc is a good example of compactness, simplicity and consideration to the sound, which are very encouraging especially in the musical moments. Stahievitch manages to merge with the seeming simplicity of Schuberts works due to the refined sense of music and aspiration to play beyond satisfaction. The seeming simplicity of these musical moments is often apparently deceitful for the pianists, and it makes their performing boring. However, on this disc the performer is capable of outstanding effects, he touches upon the paradoxical ties with warmth and remoteness of native lands, which make the enigma of Schuberts music.

Consideration to the music, to its delicate and refined polyphonic outline as well as to the pauses and incidental interruptions is a fine evidence of active thought process of the performer. One can be particularly impressed by the sounds taken apparently by chance in order to strengthen the unity and monolithic character of the observation of phrasing. This Schubert is rich and saturated, stratified and complex, interpreted with maturity which does a great deal of credit to the young pianist. One can also be particularly stressed by sonata D.784, which is full of fervour, with no blunders, Beethovenlike in dramatization, homogeneous in its sound and rich in its music. A good beginning for a musician who seems to have something to say.

Critics from the magazine "Musica" (Italy, 2001)
Translation: Elizabeth Dubinko